"It is a fine study and one much needed . . . Robert Mazrim has contributed a vital original study of early settlers in central Illinois . . . He has broken new ground in this field of research by a painstaking examination of all the sources available."
[Dr. Wayne C. Temple,Chief Deputy Director, Illinois State Archives]
"I enjoyed reading Bob Mazrim's essays and reports on frontier Illinois. It was not a dry technical report, but rather contained substantial research that was placed in a narrative. [Reports like Mazrim's] . . . might make archaeology accessible to a large audience."
[Dr. Thomas F. Schwartz, Illinois State Historian]
"Robert Mazrim's collected essays and site report[s] . . . are a timely addition to my library. I admire Mazrim's work, which amplifies and enriches what we know from early printed sources about the Illinois country."
[Dr. Cullom Davis,Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Illinois at Springfield and Director of Illinois' "Lincoln Legals" Project]