A Visit to Holy Family Church

This section is about the church as an architectural monument.

The architecture of temples has a very rich and ambiguous history, which, however, shows that it was from the construction of temples that all architectural innovations, the latest styles, and directions all over the world began and spread.

Majestic religious buildings of the great civilizations of the ancient world have been preserved to this day. And also many modern examples of the amazing architecture of religious buildings appeared.

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The Lutheran Church in Reykjavík is the fourth tallest building in Iceland. The project of the church was developed in 1937 by the architect Goodyoun Samuelson. 

Cathedral of Las Lajas

One of the most visited temples in Colombia. The construction of the temple was completed in 1948. The neo-Gothic cathedral is built directly on a 30-meter arched bridge connecting two sides of a deep gorge.

Jubilee Church

Or the Church of the Merciful God the Father is a social center in Rome. It was built by architect Richard Meyer in 1996-2003 with the aim of revitalizing the lives of the residents of the area.

The temple is built of precast concrete on a triangular site on the border of the city park, surrounded by 10-story residential and public buildings.