"Until I was introduced to Robert Mazrim’s splendid book I had never heard of Sangamo Town - which was not surprising since it had lived out its life and vanished by 1850... The author’s study of Sangamo County not only makes for fascinating reading but also serves as classic demonstration of the elements that, when woven together, bring the lost past to life. There are many other lost towns from Virginia to California, very one of which can provide scholars and students with an exercise in archaeohistorical deduction - but first they must read Robert Mazrim’s The Sangamo Frontier”
[ Ivor Noel-Hume ]
"This book offers a great deal. Mazrim’s ability to present the early history of the Illinois frontier in an evocative way is much needed. Too many people believe that the archaeology of early American history is something that happens on the East Coast, far distant from places like the American Midwest that seemingly have little to offer. In telling this story of personal exploration, Mazrim has done a service to American cultural history by proving that its entire sweep deserves the same loving attention he has bestowed upon the Sangamo"
[ Dr. Charles Orser, Journal of American History ]
"This work brings together the results of decades of archaeological research and the efforts of a singularly passionate scholar of central Illinois history.  It should be of great value to those interested in new perspectives on Sangamon County’s history and to scholars elsewhere seeking to promote the sites and stories of early Americans who did not become President"
[ Stacy Kazakovich Historical Archaeology ]
Some reviews of “The Sangamo Frontier”